it's already the middle of september. time is flying by, and i don't know how to cope with it. soon i'll be enveloped in the pain of the deep freeze of winter. it will feel like a lifetime of suffering. the seasons that aren't winter are great, but winter is the season with the most dominant personality. winter is the person in the conversation who won't let you say anything, but keeps talking about himself the whole fucking time. you try to get a few words in, but everything you say is always diverted back into another aspect of the saga of winter. it's pointless to resist it's all powerful grasp. you cannot escape. summer is awesome because there are no winter like qualities, but for some reason i think of summer as being a small rest stop on the long road back toward the pain of winter. summer is to be savored because it doesn't last too long. spring is okay, but it always takes so long to become spring-like, that i just think of it as a way for winter to fuck with your mind for a little longer. fall is my favorite, but its glories are so fleeting that if you happen to be really busy, you won't even notice that it's gone from the sweetest weather ever to a snowing frozen wasteland outside, and it may as well be winter. i'm kind of freaking out about winter. i should not be thinking about it at all, but i can't help myself. i hate it. i don't even think i like the first snow anymore. the first snow can go fuck itself. i want to be comfortable, and i don't want to wear a huge cumbersome coat. i think i should move away from here.
also, i believe that the longest and most painful day of the week is monday.
i totally want to leave this place right now.



i just noticed that a few people posted comments on my blog. that tickles me to death. of course, the comments were left a month ago, and i was totally oblivious. i'll tell you what. if you post comments, i promise to check them. it will be fun and stuff like that. seriously.
thanks starkey and leslie. you guys rule.

in reference to my milk lover picture starkey posted :

"Is the milk whole milk? My friend Kelly prefers whole milk also and I told her about how the doctor told you to stop drinking it one time because of "cholesterol." But can you really hold the whole down?"

my response:

" i can hold the whole milk down. i love the stuff, but alas, i have switched to 1%.
whole or otherwise, i'll milk drink anyone under the table, and then i'll wash it down with some cheese.

you should totally enter the brilliant conversations taking place in the comments. it is freaking amazing. look for the link below this post. it's the one that says "0 comments." that's zero, not o or oh.



i told you that marleen got her green card the other day. here is the proof.

here is closer proof in case you still don't believe me.

besides the start of the academic year at wellesley college things are not very exciting. marleen coerced me into going to the beach. it was nice when we got there, but the thought of driving a long time to sit on a bunch of sand is generally not appealing to me. it was too cold to go swimming, but it was lovely for walking. i brought one of my super 8 cameras with me. i got some sweet footage of a regal looking seagull. he was standing on a big rock, and was not pleased that i was paying him so much attention, so he blew some bird shit out of his sphincterless ass, and took off. i got it all on film. that's one to save for future generations. i have a feeling that future generations are going to be pissed at me.

i wrote a mega-blog entry a few days ago. it was very big, and it offered much insight into my psyche, but something happened before i could post it, and now it is lost forever. that was less than awesome. i worked a long time on it, and i thought that you, the blog reading public, would be proud of me for my thoroughness and my stick-to-it-iveness. alas, i have let you down again. i can't bring myself to put time in to recreate the grandeur of the now fabled lost jtfanclub blog. stay tuned for more ramblings from my mediocre life.

yours truly,


this is going to be an unremarkable post. i'm only posting because i feel myself sinking back into non-posting/weblog ignoring mode. i must fight it. i don't have anything awesome to report. i could tell you lots of un-awesome things, or at least some very mediocre things, but i won't. i'll wait until tomorrow for that.
happy semester. happy official end of summer. oh happy day.

brightly looking towards tomorrow,
jim turbert

p.s. i am wrong, there is something awesome. marleen's real green card (as opposed to her fake one) arrived in the mail today. that is awesome.