like neil diamond prophesied, i'm coming to america.
it's going to be a crazy trip.  the timing is kind of awkward, and the purpose is not entirely clear, but it is on.

i'll tell you more later.  right now i have to finish packing.

best wishes,


Hey gang,

You should check out  my friend Tomasz's video project fund drive, and give him a few bucks.
Even if you don't agree with his politics, you should check him out.  He's a very sensible guy, and I'm sure he would gladly address any issues you may have with his point of view if you send him an email.

Okay, I have to go catch a train.

The time has come to make the biggest announcement in the history of the blog, and also my life.
drum roll…
Marleen is pregnant.  We will be parents, and I will be someone's father before the summer is over.

Okay.  Carry on.



i can't help but notice the number of overweight children in my neighborhood.  it's kind of scary.  they all walk around, spitting on the ground with cans of "energy" drinks in their chubby little hands.  it is kind of disturbing.
on the bright side, the previously mentioned children seem to have no problems with their collective body image.  i suppose that is refreshing.  they strut around the streets, "energy" drinks in hand, dressed in tight fitting and brightly colored clothing.  they look like fleshy beach balls.  beach balls that spit.
their moms and dads spit, too.  it's really charming.