Am I correct to assume that new technology is generally supposed to improve upon old technology?  I'd like to take this time to complain about one example of technology falling flat on its face and sucking.  I'm talking about fluorescent light bulbs.  Not the long tubes, but the ones that are supposed to be super energy efficient replacements for the normal incandescent light bulbs that we've been using in our houses for the past 100 years.  Since normal light bulbs are getting harder and harder to find (in the Netherlands, anyway) we've purchased a few lately.  One is in our bedroom, and one is in a desk lamp in the computer room/office/whatever you want to call it.  The one in the office buzzes.  Originally this one was in the bedroom, but we moved it to the office because the buzzing was highly annoying.  The buzzing is still annoying, but now it's drowned out by the annoying buzz of the computer, so it is not noticed as much.  The bulb that we put in the bedroom is a different brand.  It does not buzz, but it takes  5 minutes to get up to a reasonable brightness.  When you flip the light switch, nothing happens.
Thomas freaking Edison's light went on immediately, and that was over 100 years ago.  Some green scientist needs to get his ass in gear, and fix this shit.

Another thing that I'm not keen on about fluorescent lights is that they use mercury.  Yeah, they are more energy efficient, but mercury is poisonous, and almost no one disposes of their fluorescent bulbs properly.  

I will be sad when my beloved incandescents are no longer available. 



The pain.
In a few short weeks I will be visiting the U.S.  Specifically, I will be visiting CT.  Unfortunately, I will not be spending much time anywhere except for Winsted, CT.  I'd like to hang out in Boston a bit, and I'd also like to go to NYC, but that will not happen on this trip.  ( here's the painful part)  Since I will be flying into Boston, my plan is to rent a car, and drive to Winsted or have my sister pick me up.  On the way home I plan on stopping at Blue Ribbon Barbecue to feast on glorious beef brisket.  I can almost smell it.  I've been thinking about it all day.  Do you know what it is like to be a mail man who can't get his mind off of brisket?  I can't imagine that you have any idea how painful it is.  There are some nice things to eat here, but nothing that the dutch have to offer compares to delicious beef brisket (they do have fantastic cheese though, and oliebollen!!!  So good.).  The worst part is that I have to make dinner now, and I know that nothing I make will compare to the treacherous thoughts in my head.
The pain.
I also want to get good hamburgers and steaks while I am home.  Maybe some Mexican food.

That brings me to the next thought in my head.  It is a far less torturous thought, and it doesn't (necessarily) involve food.  I'll be in Winsted from December 4 until December 14.  If you grew up with me, and are currently living in Winsted or the surrounding area, would you let me know if you are interested in being a part of a photo project?  Even if you didn't grow up with me, and somehow stubbled upon this blog, feel free to contact me as well.  That would be awesome.

Best wishes,
Jim Turbert