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hi. the opening went pretty well. it is true that almost no one showed up, but we had cookies and milk. i'm told that more people will go due to the fast approaching museum weekend, or cultural weekend (i'm on page 13), or some shit. it feels good to know that i spent an assload of money on printing and mounting so a handful of people could look at my work. i truly enjoy spending as much money as possible. thanks to all the people who came.
these are hectic times. i'm still a mailman, but i'm also trying to complete a growing number of freelance jobs. i know this doesn't sound challenging, but my postal shift is right in the middle of the day, so it kind of screws up a lot of other stuff, especially if i need to take long train rides. it's all about time management.
okay, that's all for now. like i said, i'm trying to manage my time better, and blogging is not in my time management plan.

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hello. i'm super busy at the moment, so i will promise an awesome post in the near future, and i will give you this link to look at.

thank you for your time.



Holy crap, the weather is really great.  You know what else is really great?

Yeah, I know you're sick of seeing the astronaut picture.  Me too, but I didn't make the card.  That is the one that people like.  I will not be complaining about it.  I am grateful for the exhibition.  This will be my first solo show.  It will feature 10 of the Expectations and Reality pictures that you can see on jtfanclub.com, and somewhere between 10 and 13 pictures from my new project about Winsted which almost no one has seen before.  Full disclosure, the Winsted project looks nothing like my self-portraits.  They may have a similar vibe, but the project is still very, very young, so I'm not sure if if comes through yet.  
Anyway, I'll tell more about the Winsted project in the coming months.  It's either going to be really awesome or really boring.  
The exhibition is at the Transformatorhuis in Enschede.  The organisation who put the show together is called Dynamo Expo.  The opening is at 4pm on March 27, and it will be fun.  You should go.  Click the picture for a PDF of the full invitation.  I'll post a link to the gallery once I'm up there.  Right now someone else is there, and i don't need to publicize them.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  
Okay.  Bye.