do you ever get the feeling that people are repeating other conversations that they had previously when they are talking to you? you know, like when a friend is telling you about a movie or a piece of art, and it doesn't sound like something that they would ever say? when their spiel sounds as if they had read it somewhere and liked it so much that they decided to make it their own? i get that sometimes, and i think it is weird.



people always talk about how safe it is to ride a bike in the netherlands, and that no one needs to wear a helmet here because of the prominence of bike paths. well, i was about this close (pinches fingers together to indicate a small amount of space) to getting taken out by a cyclist who was not paying attention a few moments ago. i was passing him on the left, and he inexplicably shifted over to the left side of the bike path forcing me to ride up onto the curb and evasively maneuver around garbage bins and other such sidewalk stuff. i expect such behavior from small children, not from grown (dutch) men in business attire. these people grow up in a biking culture, and they should know better. i wasn't riding slowly, so the maneuvering was quite stressful. i pulled it off, and the man was very apologetic, but i didn't want to talk to him. i was all amped up, and i think i would have hit him if i tried to discuss what had just happened. i rode off briskly, gradually regaining my composure. if there had been a person on the sidewalk or a row of parked bikes my bike and i would have been fucked. if there were a person, he would have been fucked too.
i thought you would like to know about this.



i walked by the Hudson Museum earlier today so i could see the show that no one has mentioned my participation in. i will not be including pictures of any of the other work since i was left off of their lists.



although i haven't been able to find my name on it anywhere on-line, i am in a show at the hudson museum in rotterdam right now. you should go check this mini-show/mini-exhibition space out if you are in the greater rotterdam area. otherwise, you will have to believe me that i am in the show. here is an (incomplete) informational link >>> http://narb.me/expo/group-exhibited/in/hudson-museum
i get no dutch love.
also, i have nothing interesting to say.



hi. i'm in new york. i had a lovely day walking around and socializing, and now it is time to say good night.

good night.

more later,