hi.  i've been away for awhile, but i'm back now.  i was recently thinking about tone deafness and how how horrible it is.  i can't imagine what it must be like for people to lack the ability to discern the difference between different tones.  i became aware of tone deafness when i was quite young.  i had not started school yet, so i'm guessing that i was around 4 or 5* years old.  i was at the house of one of my parents' friends, and i was talking about the theme from superman and the theme from star wars.  i hadn't seen star wars, but i was familiar with the theme, and i was a huge fan of superman and the superman them.  one of the children of my parents' friends was insisting that the themes from superman and star wars were the same.  i had no idea why someone would think such a thing.  they both have clearly different melodies and themes.  it is true they are similar in that they were composed by the same man, and they are both bombastic and brassy, but they are not the same.  i didn't realize that it was called tone deafness, but i definitely realized that the child i was talking to was at the very least misguided.


*imdb.com says that superman was release in december of 1978.  i was was born in december 1975, so that puts me at around 4 years old at the time of this story.  


I still have a baby tooth.  Due to some genetic malfunction there was not an adult tooth to replace it, and its small baby-toothness has remained in my mouth far longer than it was supposed to.  Finally, the time has come for this baby tooth to fall out.  I was eating muesli the other day, and the baby tooth loosened after I bit down on a nut.  Now the tooth is loose, and I can't leave it alone.  When I was a kid with loose teeth it was the same. I would wiggle the damn things around even though it hurt because it was an enjoyable hurt.  I think that this tooth will find its way out of my mouth within the month, and I do not know if I will miss it.  We've been through a lot together.
I'll let you know how it goes.