my uncle (tom robinson/buddy) passed away on sunday, and i am deeply saddened.  he was a really great guy, and i will miss him intensely.  if you knew him and would like to go to the memorial service it will be this friday night at 7pm in winsted, ct.  


what is going on?  i said i was going to make an effort to post something good last week.  i failed to do that.  my plate is too full.  i don't know how to cope with everything right now, so there may be a substantial lapse in posts.  i will post if i feel moved to do so, but i will be focusing my attention elsewhere.  likewise, there will be no more free spoon radio show.  when things settle down i may do a show again, or i may have a mini-show music blog thing, but i haven't listened to anything new for weeks, and i don't plan on getting anything new soon (though i do want to listen to the new magnetic fields record - maybe i'll go out and get it).  
if you pray, pray for tom robinson.  if you don't pray, think warm thoughts about him.  i don't pray to anything, but sometimes i wish i did.  it seems to make some people feel better.  it's a funny thing, faith.  the only thing i have faith in is my wife.  she often makes me feel better, but i don't think i'll be praying to her. maybe i'll just keep busy.    
stick with me.  there will be greatness, but probably not soon, and almost definitely not on a regular basis for a few months.  do not abandon.  be patient, but try not to be a patient. 

jim turbert


is it me, or does it seem like january is flying by?  there isn't enough time for anything.  i'm going to make one interesting post this week if it kills me.  i'll try harder tomorrow.  
i'm trying to make some new photos, and it's not going well.  i'd share some of my efforts with you, but i'm not into showing people my failures.  my idea is good, at least the heart of the idea is good, but it's not there yet.  i am not excited about any of my results.  that is perhaps the worst feeling after hours of hard work.  i'll try harder tomorrow.    



jesus h. christ...  i just spent the whole night trying to get goddamned windows to install on my mac.  it almost worked.   when i say almost worked, i mean it didn't work.  i guess there's always tomorrow, but who wants to spend their time doing this shit?  i don't, but i kind of have to, so i will keep trying until i succeed.  success will be so sweet.  i can't wait.
one would think that winter break would be glorious, but these are trying times.  things are not going my way.  how are you?  



today i learned that 650 watt lights should not be made out of plastic. if you have a plastic 650 watt light (such as the atlas-warner super 8 light), DO NOT LEAVE IT ON for longer than a few minutes. when i say a few, i mean 2 minutes. seriously.  my house smells like molten plastic.    



the holiday season is over. it doesn't look like i'll be celebrating anything else in the near future.
it seems like forever since i last posted. i turned 32 last week. i bought a new muffler for my car on my birthday. mufflers are not cheap. neither are tires. i bought those recently, too. both my car and i are getting older. the car needs a new clutch. i need to work out. i still think i have a higher resale value than the subaru, but we are both pretty clunky. we are also both good in the snow (thanks to my new boots).
well, have a lovely new year.