the new york photo festival was overwhelming.  i enjoyed looking at lots of photos, but it would have been better to consume that many images over the course of the three day period instead of just one.  i did not recognize any boston people there.  i was surprised by that.  it didn't ruin my day though.  i wandered the crowded streets of dumbo alone, and i went to each of the venues at my own pace.  i find that my pace is the best one, but still, it would have been nice to have some company.  
what can i tell you about the exhibits.  i liked some more than others, and apparently i liked some that were widely disliked by the popular and learned bloggers.  that is okay by me.  i don't need their approval.  i would, however, like to have their approval more often than not.  i guess that makes me a sucker.  i can deal with that for now.  
i saw some pictures made by irina rozovsky (whom i recently met) in tim barber's curated showcase. i don't believe she's  from boston originally, but she went to school at massart, and she lives and works here.  she is also a fellow NEO featured artist (look at 2006/2007).
the main reason i went to new york was not for the festival.  i went to drop off my own picture for a less prestigious photo event that will be taking place this thursday evening at ceres gallery in chelsea.  you will notice my name in the sea of names on their list for their 8th annual juried show.  if you are a new york person, or if you are in a new york state of mind, you should go there and gawk at the art.  also, you should talk to me while you are there.  please say something nice.  

yours truly, 


i'm in brooklyn right now.  i'm going to get me some new york photo festival in a few moments.  i hope it doesn't cost too much.  i just want to look around.  
i spent yesterday walking around new york in the rain.  it was not a nice day. i needed to drop off a picture for a juried show i'm in at ceres gallery at 547 west 27th street.  you should go the the opening on thursday.  i'll post more about that later.  right now i must get my shit together.  my friend is going to work, and i feel that i should leave his apartment and experience photography in dumbo.  



i'm going through my shit.  i found a ton of polaroid test prints that i've used for my self-portraits (and other pictures) over the past few years.  a friend of mine often sends out post card contact sheets to people, so i'm going to start sending these polaroids as contact sheets to friends and folks.  i'd rather mail them away than throw them away.  i have a hard time throwing things out.  just ask marleen.  the house is full of things that marleen would throw away.  i cannot bear to let them go.  i thought i'd share that with you.  also, i am iron man. 

jim turbert