sometimes i get obsessed with the idea of starting little projects, and it's all i can think about.  a few months ago, i really want to build up and customize an old schwinn cruiser.  i killed that one in the womb because there are no schwinn cruiser frames in holland, and it is not my goal to spend a fuckload of money shipping an old bike here so i can tinker with it.  my most recent idea is to build a speaker docking system for my iphone.  i hook my pod/phone up to et stereo all the time, but that is in the living room.  i currently have no way to broadcast sonic goodness in  my bedroom.  i want a small speaker system that delivers quality audio and is not ugly.  i looked around on the internet to find a solution to this, but the ones that i like are crazy expensive.  thus, my new obsession began.

I began researching small full range drivers and cabinet designs.  should i vent the cabinet?  should i pack it with sound baffling material?  how should it be amplified?  should i use solid wood or mdf?  these questions and many more have been flowing through my feeble mind, and a solution is beginning to take shape.  i truly enjoy challenges such as this, but it is rather disappointing to learn that it's going to cost almost as much (more in some cases) as it would to buy one of the ones i originally saw on the internet.  to make matters worse, time is not factored into that cost.  i haven't done anything yet, and i've already spent a ton of time thinking, sketching, and researching.  i cannot compete with companies which buy all their parts in bulk, and probably have machines to do much of the assembly.  so, i'm faced with the dilemma; do i take a few weeks to build a homemade cabinet that costs me a lot of time (that i have) and money (that is rather scarce), or do i spend a smaller amount of money and get something that will provide me with decent sound in my bedroom while taking up almost none of my time?

i'll take your responses off the air.



hey gang, happy 2010!  it's going to be a good year.
if you are in the chicago area, you should go to Co Prosperity Sphere tonight.  i won't be there, but one of my photos will be (yes, it's a self-portrait.  no, you haven't seen it before).  there will also be lots of other interesting work for you and your loved ones to look at.  i wish i could be there.  i think it would be tons of fun.

the rotterdam film festival is coming up.  i haven't perused their listings yet, but i look forward to going to a couple of films.  additionally, i will be working at a satellite venue during the festival.  if you are in rotterdam you should check it out.  it sounds like it could be interesting.  >>>  http://www.sculptureinternationalrotterdam.nl/new/index.php?lang=en

marleen and i watched Heathers a few days ago.  i loved that movie when i was a lad.  after watching it again i discovered that i still love it.  it is chock full of darkness and comedy, which are, in my opinion, two great tastes that taste great together.  if you were born in the later portion of the 80s, you may not find it as funny as i do.  likewise, you may not find it funny if you were born in the early portion of the 1900s.  if you don't think murder and high school are funny, you may not enjoy it either, but i am certain that you will react to it in some way.