besides colder than desirable temperatures and chronic flat tires on my bicycle, things are going smoothly. i'm a little swamped today. in fact, i should not be typing this right now, but i just had to share these glorious little bits of my life with you.
my sister turned thirty last weekend. it was also easter, so i went to connecticut. dinner with tara and her friends was fun, and the easter dinner was nice as well.
when i started writing this post, i had substantive things to say. i got distracted, and now i can't remember what my intentions were. they are on the tip of my tongue (or fingers), but they just won't come out.

i can't remember what i wanted to say, and there are other things i should be doing. this post is over.

jim turbert


happy freaking spring. there's fresh snow on the ground, and more should be falling later. that warms the cockles of my recently un-hibernated ass. this weather is really putting a damper on my "get things done it's spring time" attitude. still, i'm getting things done slowly but surely, and all is well.
since last post i went on vacation and returned from vacation. i've been working, but my heart really wants to be on vacation. it's a bad feeling, but i suppose it's normal for the post-spring break period when you work in an academic environment.
on to the meat...
i'm going to be in a photo show at the PRC in boston. you should totally go to the opening. getting selected is a good feeling. when you spend so much of your time and efforts taking pictures of yourself it's nice to know that someone else thinks it's okay to work on stuff like that. the show will only be featuring one of my pictures, but it's really good exposure (that the name of the show), and it gives that bit of encouragement that people need from time to time to let them know that they aren't wasting their time.
i'm going to be in another art show, too. it's called "gimme baby robots 3: baby's babies." if you are in the greater madison, wisconsin area later this month, you should go to that to, evenif the only reason you check it out is the name. it's at a place called apt space. they have some info up on myspace if you are curious about them.
i'l post more later. i have some stuff to do.

best wishes,