i used this jim dow picture for an advertisement for my halloween radio show this year.  i'm not sure he would appreciate that.  i will remove it if he complains.  i don't think reads my blog or listens to my radio show, so do me a favor and don't tell him i'm using it.  



hello.  if you are in the greater lexington, kentucky area on october 26, you should go check out the photo show "Photography : What Now?" at the lexington art league >>>   http://www.lexingtonartleague.org
i'm in the show along with a bunch of other folks who i know nothing about.  i won't be there, but three of my pictures will be.  three pictures could very well be more exciting than i am in person, so don't let my absence keep you from making a special trip.
also, you should get yourselves ready for the halloween version of free spoon.  i've taken to calling the halloween show freaky spoon because it's so scary.  yes, scary.  
i have a headache.  i'm also kind of hungry, but i can't eat because we're supposed to go out to dinner with some chums  at 7 or so.  what should i do?  




today i decided that i need to pursue a new job. i'm not going crazy or anything, but i looked briefly at monster.com, and i thought all day about how awesome it would be to work somewhere besides wellesley. i have worked there for almost 6 years, and it is totally ungratifying. also, i am completely disrespected and discounted as a person by the department i work for.  i could go on about this for hours, but i will spare you.  i will say that i think i'm going to try to find work in holland so i can uproot my ass and become an ex-patriot.  
where should i work in holland?  at a school?  should i go to school?  should i try to work for an american company? should i start an american style ice cream store?  something needs to be done, and i need to motivate.  if you know of any employment opportunities in the greater holland area, please let me know.  i know how to do a lot of stuff, and i learn quickly.  on top of that, almost anyone would be way less enjoyable to work with
while thinking about moving to holland i had the sad realization that after living in boston since 1995 i have nothing to show for it.  if i left, no one would even notice.  how fucked up is that?  most of my friends have left, and the ones that are here may or may not be for much longer.  i probably wouldn't even visit boston if i came home from holland.  i would be more likely to visit minneapolis than boston.  shit is crazy.  
so, i guess i have to ad some kind of a portfolio or demo-reel to the list of things i need to do.  if i'm going to get hired by someone here or abroad, i think i'm going to need a fancy multi-media presentation and some content to put in it.  i'll work on that, and i'll keep you posted.  

jim turbert   


here is a form message that i was asked to share with my people...
you are my people.  


A piece titled Astronaut, from my expectations vs. reality series is up for auction in the 2007 PRC Benefit Auction, a benefit event for the Photographic Resource Center, a New England non-profit. As you can imagine, the success of such events is vital for such contemporary spaces and raises important operating and programming funds. (If you'd like to learn more about my image/series please go to my website, jtfanclub.com )

From the PRC: "This annual exciting event provides an opportunity to glimpse (and own!) close to 200 approaches to photography from leading regional and national photographers. This year, through live and silent auction, at close to 200 fine framed photographs are available for bidding in our largest fundraiser of the year. The preview exhibitions are up through October 21 and all images are available via elegant print and online catalogues. Join us the night of Saturday, October 27th for a vibrant and fun event."

To see a complete catalogue of images that will be up for auction go to: 

Wherever this may find you, I hope you are well! 


 jim turbert


DUDE! i totally have a business card now. does that make me a professional? does it make me grown up? shit is crazy. now if someone asks me if i have a card, i can say, "yes, i have a card. would you like one?" how sweet is that? i can leave my card in all the resturants where there is a free lunch raffle. sweet. i like free lunch. i can give it to people, and they can throw it away when they get home, or they can use it as a bookmark, or they can contact me in the future. the possibilities are endless. this could seriously be life changing.
have a good weekend.



a "parcel" was returned to me today due to improper postage.  the "parcel"  was a large envelope with three sheets of paper and a cd jewel case inside it.  when i initially sent this "parcel"  i went to the world famous jamaica plain post office and used their after hours postage machine/package sending unit.  i was happy it was there so i didn't have to go to the post office during normal business hours.  it's more convenient to go after hours, and i hate all the people who work in that god forsaken office, so i'd prefer to not see them.  anyway, my happiness faded away today when i saw the returned envelope sitting outside my door with the returned for postage sticker on it.  also, the words large envelope in the postage sticker were circled and the word "parcel"  was written next to the postage.  when i saw the envelope i wanted to break shit.  i felt the rage, and i wanted to fight.
i went to the post office to figure out what the fucking problem was, and it turns out that as of may something, a large envelope ceases to be a large envelope it you put something hard that cannot bend in it.  i'm not sure where that logic comes from, but the u.s. asshole postal service charged me an additional 33 cents and i was on my way.  i hate the postal service.  i hate their weird regulations.  i hate many of (not all of) their employees, and i hate needing them.  




up late...  
must go to bed...  
work tomorrow...  
feelings of dread...
i've been working on the computer for a million hours.  i don't feel awesome, but i'm not tired.  i know i should go to bed so i can be fresh for work tomorrow, but there is so much to do.  
i've had the past few days off.  days off are the best, but the realization that tomorrow is not a day off brings me to new lows.  also, i'm worried about copyright law and i should exercise more.  yes, exercise.  yes copyright.  oh, i forgot to call andrew.  i also forgot to call rusty.  guys, if you are reading this, i will call you soon.  maybe tomorrow before the best radio show in the world.    
i'll have the new installment posted by the end of the week.  you can catch up on old episodes in the meantime.  
do you know any cheerleaders who might want to be in a picture?
good night.  

your buddy, 


i swear i'm not going to let my blog become a place where i shamelessly promote all the random crap that i do. well, i swear that it will be more than a place where i shamelessly promote whatever random crap i'm doing. that said, my radio show is back on the air. no, the station is not webcasting at the moment, but you can listen to the archives that i diligently post. okay, i don't do it so diligently, but by friday you should be able to listen to last week's show, and tonight's show. here is the link >>> http://freespoon.jtfanclub.com/

here is a link to an advertisement for tonight's show >>> http://jtfanclub.com/radioads/100307.htm

now that i got that out of the way, i can tell you about all the other exciting stuff in my life.
yeah...i gotta go.