i just made my first pumpkin pie.  i don't think the crust is going to be super awesome.  i used "white whole wheat" flour.  i'm not sure how a flour can be both white and whole wheat, but i am looking forward to eating it.  i also made pumpkin bread.  i'm looking forward to eating that too. don't you wish you lived with me?  we'd have so much fun, and we'd eat lots of snacks.
other than fun with baked goods, not a lot is happening.  i took some pictures yesterday, and then i played civilization on the computer.  civilization is a good way to waste a lot of time.  if you've never played, then i don't recommend starting because it will suck many of  your hours away. tomorrow is the start of a grueling two day work week.  when i say grueling, i mean not grueling. it's going to be short and sweet.  as sweet as pumpkin pie in fact.  mmm...pie.
marleen is away, but she'll be home in a few hours.  she has her digital camera with her, but when she gets home i may document my glorious pie and post the image here.  you will wish you lived with me.  

until later,


the above image is an unprecedented look into the process of making a jim turbert self-portrait.  dave olsen helped me out while i was shooting, and he also brought his trusty new canon elph along to document the magic.  it truly was magical.  just ask the freezing muensterman sisters in the background.  they loved every second of it.  
that's all for now.  

with all my love, 
jim turbert


the other day marleen and i came home and there were 5 cop cars parked outside of our house. there was no sign of hardcore police action so we didn't know what was going on. cop party? well, when we went through the first door we discovered that the cops were inside our building. fortunately, they weren't interested in us, but they were investigating one of our upstairs neighbors. one of them asked us if we knew "anything about your upstairs neighbor?" we assumed they were talking about the guy who lives directly above us because he had some "issues" with the local authorities before. actually, he used to have a jokey doormat that said "COME BACK WITH A WARRANT!" that doormat disappeared after the police actually came and took him with them, but i digress. it turns out they were looking for one of our other upstairs neighbors. given this information you may choose to believe that i live in a rough and tumble neighborhood, but this is not the case. it's a lovely neighborhood, and the only police action i've seen on my street has been in my house. i hope they don't come for me next.
since my last post, i've done all sorts of fun stuff.  i went to new york, and i got a new scanner.  i didn't get the scanner in new york.  i got a scanner and i went to new york.  that's all i've got for you right now.