This is an AP photograph.  I don't know who the photographer is, and I'm using it without permission.  I assure you that I am making no money by posting this here.

I was watching the news last night, and I saw clip of Fidel Castro.  The first thing I thought was, "Shit, he looks old."  The second thing I thought was, "Shit, he's wearing a Nike tracksuit.  That is awesome."  I find it quite amusing that the president of a nation that is not allowed to trade with the US is flaunting the fact that he can buy any damn tracksuit he wants.  He's a saucy bastard.  

I'm feeling pretty saucy too.  Actually, it's more smokey than saucy.  I grilled food on our porch tonight, and now I smell like delicious barbecued chicken.  I assume the entire apartment will smell this way for days.  It was worth it.  

We just had our first American visitor (some of you readers may know G. Funkhouser).  It was fun.  I'd do it again.  While she was here, I learned that it costs €6.50/day to rent a bike in Rotterdam.  I would have lent her one of our bikes, but she is significantly smaller than Marleen and I.  I also learned that Magnum Gold is both tasty and shiny.  We will be having more American visitors throughout the month of August.  By the end of the summer Marleen and I plan on being the hostesses with the mostest.  Maybe you should come visit in the fall.

Yours truly, 
Jim Turbert


when i am on, i am on.  when i am on, i am generally successful in all endeavors, and i feel unstoppable.  my biggest problem is that i love down time.  i fully embrace it, and once i'm in it i never want it to end.  if i am not fully involved with a project, sitting around and doing nothing becomes very appealing to me, and thus i become the opposite of unstoppable.  well, the opposite of unstoppable is stoppable, so i guess i just become stopped, halted, frozen, numbed.  i've been stopped for awhile now.  i'm working quite hard to get the ball rolling again, but it is a very heavy ball, and i am out of shape.  

when i moved here, i had expectations that were not met.  historically, i've always been able to quickly and easily find work.  this was not the case when i came here.  i've had a few insignificant small jobs, but the best thing i can say about all of them is that they were better than nothing.  i never assumed that i would not be able to find a good job doing something interesting, but i underestimated the importance of having the right connections, having a degree other than a bfa, and speaking the dutch language.  the system seems to work a bit differently here, and my stellar recommendations from home seem to be worthless.  in fact, no one ever asks to see them.  as far as art is concerned, my ideas have not been overflowing.  i didn't know what to do for many months.  occasionally i made some attempts, but the results were unremarkable.  lack of meaningful employment coupled with repeated rejections and an artistic block nurtured a feeling of despondency that i haven't felt for many years.  this despondency still has sway over me, but i am fighting.  i must revitalize the juggernaut.    

i'll keep you posted about my progress, and like i said before, i'm going to post some new photos very soon.  very soon.


p.s.  if you are in ro-town, go look at the olafur eliasson exhibition at the boijmans.  i could sit there and look at it for hours.  seriously.        


Boats, originally uploaded by jimturbert.

i have so much to say, yet i write so few blog entries.

i'm a mail man now, and believe me it's not as glamorous as is sounds. in the US, you have to take a test to become a mail man, and they reward postal workers pretty well. in the netherlands, postbezorgers are barely paid, but the prerequisites are easily attainable.
1) one must possess the ability to understand an address.
2) you need a bicycle that is sturdy enough to carry mail.
3) you must be able to lift 25 kilograms.
check, check, and check.
for the past three weeks i've been walking around in the sun listening to music, and passing some time. sure, i make very little money, but it is far better than nothing, and it hasn't substantially rained here for my entire postal career. does this mean that i am getting lucky? should i buy a lottery ticket?
i think i'll just apply for some more jobs.


p.s. i will be posting some new pictures SOON. not this week, but maybe next. stay tuned.