I took some pictures with a 35mm camera yesterday. I hadn't done that for a long time. It was kind of weird, but I think I could get used to it.

That's all for now.



First Oliebal of the Season, originally uploaded by jimturbert.
Richard Visser is voted best oliebollen in Holland almost every year, and his cart is about 100 yards away from my door. I will be fat soon.

My friend Andrew sent me a picture that someone took of him using an iPhone app that mimics the aesthetic of Polaroid integral film. I thought it looked cool, so I bought it, and I am happy I did. It is called ShakeItPhoto. It boosts the contrast, and it saturates and warms things up a little. Also, it uses a mask to darken the borders a bit giving it that low budget strobe look that the kids like.
Besides all that, it makes a Polaroid camera sound after you take the picture, and then you can watch the picture "develop" while shaking it. Shit is dope.

Bestest wishes,


I went to "work" today, and the guy who was supposed to let me into
the building never showed up. After calling everyone under the sun
(or wet clouds in my case) someone finally came and let me in two
hours later. Keep in mind that today is a blustery rainy day, so I
set everything up, and then busted out the space heater to warm my cold
damp bones. I pointed it at my ass so it would get all toasty. Now I
have a warm butt. I went online on my phone to see if someone owns warmbutt.com

Yeah, someone owns it.

Met vriendelijke groeten,