I know I wrote that the tide was turning the other day, but that is not how I feel now.  I am a bit depressed about my apparent lack of desirability in the eyes of the Dutch people.  If they only knew the power...
I am unhappy and sad.
On a positive note, I made a fine batch of chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips yesterday.  They are both tasty and nice to look at.  On another positive note, Marleen had her contract renewed at work.
Yay.  Everything is awesome.

Meneer Turbert


Maybe the tide is turning.  I recently discovered that an image of mine was selected to be in the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival!!!  I'm pretty happy about that, especially considering the amount of rejection that I have received from Dutch people lately.  
I'm going to update my resume right now.  After that I may buy a lottery ticket.

Jim Turbert