this is a plate of poffertjes.  poffertjes are little baby pancakes that dutch people make.  since i have been married to a dutch person for over 4 years, i know all about what dutch people eat.  i also know that they talk funny, and that they are never wrong.  i've learned a lot.    
i am married to marleen, not to martin.  we went to the cape on our anniversary.  that is where we met martin.  he resides along route 28 in yarmouth or someplace like that.  we also had pancakes on route 28.  the place was called "the pancake man" and they serve all you can eat pancakes.  we only had one serving each, but our waitress told us that there was a guy there right before us who consumed eight pancakes.  shit is crazy.  
we did other stuff, too, but i'm not going to list everything here.  it was so awesome that you couldn't possibly handle it.  i wonder what we're going to get into next year...

jim turbert  


i took the written test to get my motorcycle license.  i passed it with flying colors.  if the weather allows, i will take a class and complete my training this weekend.  next week i should be a licensed motorcycle rider unless i fuck something up.  how does that make you feel?  so far i've found that the notion of getting a motorcycle license, or riding a motorcycle in general, inspires different reactions from people.  some think i'm crazy.  some think it's cool.  others don't give a crap either way.  i'm excited about it.  
okay, so i'm in a show in providence, rhode island this month.  it's going to be a good one.  i only have one picture in it, but there are lots of other folks, some of whom i am familiar with, and they make some solid art.  you should go see the show.  the opening is march 16th at 2pm.  the location is the providence art club.  it's at 11 thomas street in, well, providence.  i'll see you there. 

jim turbert