the holiday season is here, and the big holiday that most of my people recognize is a few days away. on top of that, i will be turning 31 the day after that big holiday. am i excited? no. you know what i'm excited about? my new lens. i won $1000 and i bought a new lens with my winnings. unfortunately i won't be able to use or even look at the lens until i return from holland. it appears that the vendor i purchased it from is backed up because of holiday shipping. drat. what does i mean that i am more excited about a material object than a season of hope and goodwill to men. does it mean that i'm an asshole? does it mean that lenses are better than jesus ? i'll leave that up to you to decide.
i'm going out to dinner this evening. that should be good. we're going to have thai food. i get a little sick of having asian foods all the time, but everyone i know seems to love asian food. i like it a bunch, but i also love burgers. most of the time i would prefer a sweet ass burger to crispy fried noodles, but i feel that i ma in the minority. the good news is that i am not picky. i'll enjoy just about anything i eat as long as it doesn't taste like poo. it's kind of like being prepared for the worst. if you end up getting amazing food, that's great, but if it's less than stellar, there is little room for disappointment. does that make sense? i don't know if it does, but my point is that i enjoy eating, so i'm okay with the thai food that i don't really want.
i must go now.



i feel a bit like a scrooge. i've been in a bad mood for a month now. people are expected to be in a good mood during the holidays, and i am not performing as expected. i don't want to talk to anyone, and i certainly don't want to see anyone. basically, i wish people would just leave me alone. this may be a sign of deep psychological problems. i suppose i should see someone about that, but first i need to go on vacation.
aside from my anti-social tendencies things are okay. i won $1000, and i'm going to buy a new lens. lenses are expensive. the one i want costs $900. it's hard to actually commit to spending that kind of money on something. i'm going to do i though, and i'm sure i won't regret it once the lens is here. now all i have to do is start taking some pictures that people want to look at, and then maybe the purchase will be justified.
speaking of pictures that people don't want to look at, i need to prepare for the next round of self-portraits. if you are a painter who can render humans semi-accurately and would like to discuss the posssibility of doing some work for me you should get in touch. my info can be found under the contact page on this site. awesome.

until tomorrow,
this is the maiden voyage of the new and improved jim turbert weblog. no longer will there be a guestbook page. you can add comments to my posts. no longer will there be a picture of the day page. i can list all that crap here. best of all, i can do it from anywhere thanks to blogger.com. there are lots of sites that enable you to do such things, but blogger is the one i chose, and i'm sticking with it. shit is crazy.
you may have noticed that the website is both considerable different and considerable still under construction. bear with me on this one. i'm going to holland on saturday, and i won't be working much until i get back, but i think you will see some improvement over the course of january. new pages. new material. new smells. mmm...smells.
marleen got some new boots. i told her that they looked like boots that the guys from kiss might wear. she wasn't impressed with my observation. i recanted and decided that someone from p-funk could wear them instead, and she smiled warmly at her loving husband. it was a truly wonderful moment. we have lots of those. it's almost like a tv show.
i'll post more later.

your pal,
jim turbert