hey, remember me?
if you are in rotterdam, you should go to this event at ADA. it's going to be awesome, or boring, or interesting, or not. seriously though, i'm not sure how it's going to go. i'm going to be presenting a bunch of long silent films in which nothing really happens. i think they are interesting and beautiful, but they are kind of boring. you should come, and decide for yourself.

did i mention that marleen and i are going to japan in april? well, we are. that's going to be interesting as well. i'm not exactly sure what we're doing yet, but we will be starting out in tokyo, and going to a few other places after that. i am looking forward to it.

another recent development is that i have given up my hopes of going to school in the netherlands. as of this year, tuition for non-EU students has risen to around €15,000 at most institutions. shit is crazy. for that kind of money, i'll go to school in the US. basically, this means that my formal education is over. i already have a tremendous amount of debt for an education that is considered useless by most employers. i don't need to accumulate more debt so i can effectively make myself more qualified to be unemployed. i feel sad, and defeated, and it's raining. at least i'm going to japan.

so yeah, what are you up to? if you have any suggestions for things to do in japan, please send them along so i can do them.