hi. i wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about an exhibition that i will be in through most of september at wellesley. we put it up the other day, and it looks good. i totally want to buy one of andy mowbray's quilts, but i cannot afford it. i like the other work, too, but i didn't inquire about the prices. here is the wellesley press release for the show. if you live around boston and ever had the desire to see 10 of my expectations vs. realities pictures displayed at once, here is your chance. also, you can see other cool stuff (and i'm not just saying that...). the opening is wednesday from 4:30 until 6, but you can drop by and see the pictures until the 28th, i think.
i spent all day yesterday with my mom and my sister packing up my stuff. i'm still not finished. my sister was disgusted by how much stuff i was not willing to throw away. i suppose she's right, but i must say that i have some pretty good stuff. it is worth saving.
i have no plans for today. i suppose i could pack the rest of my crap up. i'd like to work on the motorcycle, but i feel that i need to go to the "triumph shop" in wakefield before i do that, but they aren't open on saturdays. there's no way they are open on labor day weekend.
i think i'm a dyslexic typist. i'm not really dyslexic. i'm just a bad typist, and the majority of my typos are reversed letters. for instance, i just went through this post for a quick edit, and i spelled until like this "utnil" once and like this "unitl" the next time. i type the word auditorium a lot at work. i almost always type it like this "auditroium" before correcting it. i'm not saying this is a disorder i have. i'm just saying...
speaking of work, i only have 4 more work days (5 more calendar days) until i'm unemployed. that is a very strange feeling.

until next time,


i will be in this show.  i think it looks pretty cool.  i'm kind of intimidated because i think i'm i'm the only photo person, and you know how non-photo people feel about photo people, don't you?  anyway, if you are in the south of germany, you should go.  

thank you for your time, 


goddamnit, airfare is expensive.  although i've been preoccupied with moving my stuff to the netherlands lately, the fact remains that i will have to move myself there as well.  let me tell you a little about my experience, and why it sucks.  
i will be flying with our beloved cat b.  i figure she's going to freak the fuck out on the plane, so i want to take the fastest flight possible.  there is only one carrier who flies directly to amsterdam via boston, and that is northwest.  here's the other thing; i need a  round trip.  since i don't yet have a visa, i can't get a one way ticket, and the maximum amount of time i'm supposed to spend there is three months.  so i want to buy a ticket from september 12 until december 12.  the only price for that ticket anywhere is $2091!!!  just for shits and giggles, i checked to see what the flight would cost if i bought the same flight, but returning on october 12 instead of december 12.  well, that flight only costs $869.  you may have noticed that there is a slight difference in the fares.  i called northwest, and her explanation was that december is "a christmas month."  yes it is , and there is no way for me to get my fare reduced.  i think i'm going to buy the ticket for the october return, and not use the october ticket.  the downside to that is that i may not be able to get my visa while i'm over there, so i may have to return anyway for legal reasons.  i might just buy a more reasonably priced december return ticket on another airline, and deal with my cat on multiple airplanes.  what would you do?  

thanks for your time, 
jim turbert   


i'm a little pre-occupied to write a good blog entry, but i thought i'd leave you with a few tidbits. 

1)  i watched the bob saget roast on comedy central last night.  all i have to say is that norm macdonald is a freaking genius.  i have no idea why he is not more visible in the world of funny movies and stuff.  i wish he was my neighbor.    

2)  i took two pictures with two entirely different set-ups in two entirely different locations yesterday.  that's big for me.  most people won't understand, but if you could see the way i work, you'd think it was quite an accomplishment as well.  

3)  my house is a hell hole of pain.  there are boxes and mess everywhere.  soon it will be entirely empty.  shit is crazy.  

4)  my time in this country is getting very short.  it is both exciting and scary.  

5)  would you mind being on my homepage?  let me know if you do, and i'll tell you why i ask.  keep in mind that you need to be relatively nearby if you do.  if you live in canada or nebraska i can't really help you.  my request requires that you live near where i currently am, meaning boston.   

alright then.  back to the phones.  

best wishes,