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I've been back in the Netherlands for almost a week now, and I m back to my fast paced lifestyle.
I'd like to take a moment to curse out the assholes who have locked up my bicycles. While we were gone, the landlord changed the locks on the room where we keep our bicycles, and I still don't have a key to get in. This really drives me fucking nuts. Marleen has been calling them every day, and they say that they don't have a spare key, and that the only one who does is the locksmith. SO CALL THE GODDAMNED LOCKSMITH! It takes (maybe) 5 minutes to make a key. Mail us the key. Have me come pick it up. Anything - JUST GIVE ME A KEY! We rang bells at the complex that supposed also uses the storage area, but the people we talked to did not have a key. We spoke with people coming out of the building, and none of them had a key either. I just want to ride my own bicycle. I don't think it should be a major issue to get this resolved. I really hate people sometimes often.
Oh yeah, speaking of hating people, I've decided to give the French a rest. Now I hate the Swiss. They can go fuck themselves. Seriously though, after the longest, most turbulent flight I've ever been on, the dicks at the gate of my flight from Zurich to Amsterdam wouldn't hand check my film. I had already gone through security in Boston, but they still found it necessary to put my film through the x-ray machine. Dealing with their curtness and inflexibility became insanely irritating due to my lack of sleep and the lingering queasy feeling in my stomach after a night of bouncing through the air to Switzerland. I wanted to smash the smug little faces of the guards into the glass at the gate. I have never encountered more obnoxious people at an airport gate, and I've been through quite a few. Just for the record, all American airports (I've ever been to) hand check film, the Amsterdam airport hand checks film, and the Iceland airport hand checks film.
I'll write a more positive weblog soon. I just had to get that out.

Breathing easy,


Ewok, originally uploaded by jimturbert.

My holiday adventures are coming to a close. I've been thinking about lots of great and interesting things to write, but right now all I have for you is a picture of Marleen looking like an Ewok.
Happy New Year and stuff.

Best wishes,