Thanks to all of you who "voted" for me in that Boijmans thing. It was nice to see the outpouring of support. Alas, I was not selected. I'm a bit disappointed, but like I mentioned in my last post, I never expected to get in. As your support rolled in I fantasized about being filled with the joy of a surprise acceptance. Even when I expect it, acceptance makes me happy. I truly love being accepted

I don't know which artists moved to the next round. I am eager to see the chosen, though I'm sure that some of the decisions will be flabbergasting. My mind is repeatedly blown by some of the work I see in galleries. For a guy who likes art, I don't like a lot of art. Perhaps I'll write more about that later.

Oh, that reminds me, I was at the RE:Rotterdam art fair last weekend, and there was a woman doing a perfomance. I didn't actually see the proper performance, but she remained in character for quite a long time afterwards. She was in a full body suit made of rubber bands. It reminded me of this without the music:

MTV / Joy x 1000% / Mister Furry from Universal Everything on Vimeo

She was behaving like a weirdo dog with an itch to scratch. I was fascinated, but I did not take a picture. I was afraid I would miss something. What was her name? Sorry, I didn't get that, but it was in the room for Galerie Jaap Sleper or Galerie 10. I guess Galerie 10 is Jaap Sleper now. 

On a more joyous note, look at my kid. She's awesome. If it were up to her, I'd be in every exhibition.

If you need me, I'll be trying to get some awesome new work together. 
Thanks again for the support. All of you are wonderful people. 


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