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A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about how the theme of lots of movies is to seize the day, or something like that. Often, seizing the day is depicted as neglecting your responsibilities. As appealing as that can be, I've got stuff to do. I also have a child to take care of. If I blow off work or my other responsibilities to go sky diving, or if I buy a new Tesla, who is going to pay for everything? In my case, Marleen would pay for everything, though she would have to return the Tesla. She would most likely lose interest in tolerating me if I were always frivolously spending or absent, so she would be removed from the picture rather quickly. Shortly after her departure, living for today would become unfeasible, or at least less exciting, because I would be evicted for non-payment. Then what would I do? The occupy Rotterdam guys have already shown us that camping in Rotterdam is not a viable long term solution. It would also not be great if food became unaffordable due to the seizure of too many days. I like food. I like not having struggle to find it. Seizing anything would become increasingly difficult without food. Living every day as if it were your last would definitely lose its appeal quickly without limitless cash flow, and I am poor (by some standards). Perhaps it is best if we all just settle and go through the motions.

Anyway, one of the ways I try to make my life richer is by attempting fun. In one of my recent attempts at fun I made all the children at Ruby's daycare cry (except for Ruby). I know you're all thinking that me making people/family/children/strangers/the pizza delivery man cry is not so much of a stretch. If you are thinking that, you are wrong. Stop laughing, I almost never make people cry.
I'm getting off track.

I do this thing with Ruby.

I did that in the doorway as I was leaving the daycare facility. Ruby smiled, and ALL of the other children began crying. Before you say, "Of course you made the all the children cry. That is terrifying," let me tell you that Ruby loves it. Also, I may have mentioned before, most kids like me. How was I supposed to know that other children don't like Gollum sounds. I don't know what kids like. I only know what one kid likes. Well, now I know what a handful of Dutch kids don't like.



Johanna said...

Hi Jim,

I only cried a little. Then I laughed a bit, while still crying... Now I want a pizza, and to go skydiving.
PS: Ruby will now be prepared appropriately for any and all Zombie/Alien/Monster attacks in her future. Nice! :)

Jim Turbert said...

Hey Johanna. Seize the day.

bearfax said...

YOLO make a baby cry